August 08, 2013

SharePoint Get all permission and list of site of SPuser / current user C# programatically

Well I have achieved this by using SPRoles, but as all knows SPRoles has been deprecated from September 2012, giving warning user SPRoleAssignment and SPRoleDefinition class.

Its a bit confusing so lets understand about SPRoleDefinition and SPRoleAssignment.

SPRoleDefinition represents the SharePoint OOB permission levels like "Full Control", "Contribute", "Read"while a Role Assignment contains a collection of Role Definitions ItemAdd, ItemView, UpdateItem, EditPage etc....

Here is a simple code snippet to get current user's / give user's permissions

string permission = string.Empty;

            using (SPSite oSite = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Site.Url))
                foreach (SPWeb oWeb in oSite.RootWeb.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser())
                    SPPermissionInfo info = oWeb.GetUserEffectivePermissionInfo(oUser.LoginName);

                    permission = string.Empty;
                    foreach (SPRoleAssignment roleA in info.RoleAssignments)
                        foreach (SPRoleDefinition roledef in roleA.RoleDefinitionBindings)
                            permission += roledef.Name.ToString() + ", ";
                    permission = " [" + permission.TrimEnd(", ".ToCharArray()) + "]";

It will return users permission from all sites on which user has permission in format of [Read, Contribute]  /  [Read]  /  [Full Control]

oUser is SPUser object that has user details you can pass Currentuser also by using below lines:
SPUser ouser = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser;

Please share any issue or findings on this.

Praveen Pandit

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