July 26, 2013

Top 10 Features of SharePoint 2013

What is SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server is not a program it is a platform. Collection of products Learning SharePoint is like learning Microsoft office. Say you learn MS word, excel, outlook and so on. In same way you learn SharePoint it has massive products and features; you learn and use your own combination of products which are meaningful to you.
Pillars are:
Sites – few click away every new site
Search – search people, phrase, and words
Insight – store information and understand in better and meaningful way.
Communities – can work with other people, share files, calendar, discussion, and blogs.
SkyDrive – Can share and save, update files over cloud. 
Content – Place to put you content (Word, excel, audio, video with many features version, sharing, following etc…)

lets have a look on New introduced features my Microsoft in SharePoint 2013

I have simplified above table in point lets have a look

1. Focus on Social features – newsfeeds, like, follow, share, and send links and hashtag features.

2. Smarter Search - last viewed page and search details with share, follow and preview feature.

3. Simpler and Mobile-Ready UI with multi device and platform support (iOS, Android, Windows).

4. SharePoint App Model – can add apps from MS market place. Deploy own apps (app/cloud).

5. Sky Drive – Cloud ready, auto Sync files and can edit, delete and upload files from any device.

6. Integrated and Better Workflow in SharePoint 2013.

7. Easy Migration Tools for SharePoint 2013.

8. Lower Costs-Fast search integration and no FIS licensing needed.

9. Newsfeeds- Facebook and twitter like, follow, share and Hashtag features.

10. Simplified Sharing – documents share and follow features.

Apart from that  have few more Features you will like...
11. Drag and Drop feature to upload files in SharePoint document library.

12. Image Rendition – part of image can be render in may size of one image.

13. Shredded storage – when file is edited saves only updated part of file instead of new copy it.

14. TimeLine feature – coming task are show in horizontal time line.

15. Tasks and Content Aggregation – all task assigned to you, can be view at mysite.

16. Gamification Feature – to motivate and increase productivity this feature has been added.

17. Better Performance – App Model (CSOM) and less interaction with DB and caching.
and last but not least Collaboration.

Praveen Pandit

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