November 20, 2013

SharePoint PowerShell How to Rename Field or column name

PowerShell has ability to update every property that is available to edit in bulk and ofcourse in Sharepoint, Really it’s a awesome scripting language...

its simple just have SPWeb then SPList then its field and rename its Display name by using 'Title' property

 $w=Get-SPWeb –identity “http://serverurl/weburl”  
 $fld= $w.Lists[$spListName].Fields[“FieldName”]  
 $fld.Title = “Field New Name”  

You can simple user foreach loop for all lists or All sites to do so.

We cannot change its internal name if you wanna do so take backup of list delete specific column / field and recreate with new name.

Please share yours findings or issue if any on this.

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Praveen Pandit

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